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NH Labor News 8/30/12: Budget Cuts Force 40+ Kids In Class, NH Tops Exported Jobs List, NHLPA Offer Compromise,

Parents shocked at extent of Manchester school crowding | Local News – WMUR Home: “Layoffs thinned teachers’ ranks, and the school district expected to have a number of classes with more than 30 students. But Wednesday, one Hillside Middle School math teacher faced a classroom of 42 children.

“I don’t even know how the teacher can teach that many kids,” said Stephanie Hughes, the parent of a Hillside sixth-grader. “You can’t have one-on-one time with your teacher.”

Mayor Ted Gatsas and Superintendent Tom Brennan spoke with the Hillside principal Wednesday afternoon. Administrators said they are looking at different rooms for the large class, possible including the cafeteria.
Hillside PTO President Jim O’Connell said that in addition to the 42-student classroom, there’s another down the hall with 41.

“Both of these rooms are out of code for fire safety, so either fire safety regulations mean something in Manchester or they don’t,” O’Connell said.

The Manchester Fire Department said that last Wednesday the district sent a list of more than 100 classrooms that needed inspection for capacity issues. Because of a busy week and their own manpower issues, firefighters said they have only been able to check about a dozen classrooms, and none of them at Hillside.”

School activist drops a dime on city class size | New Hampshire NEWS04: “School committee member Art Beaudry echoed the mayor’s praise for the spirit of teachers and students, but he said he also found “alarming” conditions at schools he visited on Wednesday.

He said two fourth-grade classes at Wilson Elementary had more than 30 students, and could exceed 40 students with full attendance after Labor Day. The state standard for elementary school class sizes is 25.

“It’s unacceptable,” Beaudry said. ”

Mark Hayward’s City Matters: Beech Street School has no walls — literally | New Hampshire LOCALVOICES08: “Meanwhile, Manchester schools continue their little racket. The city receives more in adequacy grants than any other community in the state. The so-called Claremont money amounted to $56 million two years ago and is designed to even out disparities in education spending across the Granite State.

But look at elementary school buildings — the one aspect of education that doesn’t get a lot of federal and state money for support — and Manchester has its own little Claremont going on.

Schools like Smyth Road School, which school board members nickname “the country club,” have lots of playground space, quiet classrooms and walls that reach to the ceiling.”

NH tops list of jobs lost to China | New Hampshire NEWS02: “New Hampshire has lost more than 20,000 jobs in the past decade because of the nation’s growing trade deficit with China, according to the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington-based think tank.

According to the report, the job losses added up to 2.94 percent of the state’s total work force, which put New Hampshire at the top of the list of 50 states, based on jobs lost as a share of state employment.

The states showing the biggest net losses were California (474,700 jobs) and Texas (239,600 jobs), with other large states such as New York, Illinois and Florida showing large losses as well.”

AFSCME | They Said What?!: “The Republican National Convention kicked off yesterday in Tampa, Fla., with a long night of speeches, including remarks from a string of anti-worker governors infamous for bashing working families, Social Security and Medicare, and unions. Here are a few that had us scratching our heads.”

NHLPA may offer up counteroffer this week – Capitals Insider – The Washington Post: ” After a meeting to clarify portions of the NHL’s most recent collective bargaining proposal Wednesday, NHL Players’ Association Executive Director Donald Fehr told reporters in New York that the union plans to make a counteroffer by the end of the week.

The reported details of the proposal (which you can check out below), according to Fehr, are not completely transparent given that those numbers were calculated in conjunction with changing the definition of hockey-related revenue. Under the current structure, the NHL’s latest offer equates to 46 percent of hockey-related revenue — down from the players’ current 57 percent but an increase from the league’s initial offer of 43 percent. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed the 46 percent figure.”

Labor Unions Stage Dystopian ‘Romney’s America’ Tour In Tampa: “TAMPA, Fla. — In keeping with the small but spirited demonstrations from the left here this week, unionized workers led a march against GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney through downtown Tampa Wednesday afternoon, hoping to show onlookers what they said “Romney’s America” would look like.

Hosted by a local labor council and escorted by Tampa police, the march included a series of stops in which labor activists put on shows of street theater, acting out various injustices that they assured would come with a Romney administration, including voter suppression, rising student debt and a decline in working conditions.”

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