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NH Labor News 8/22/12: Prison Privatization Update, Voter ID, Medicare, RTW for Less, and Minimum Wage

Pension Privatization Update: House Committee Scopes Out Financial Services Firms | StateImpact New Hampshire: “Today, a legislative committee investigating pension privatization issued a request for information from companies that manage retirement funds.

After pension reform legislation failed to pass last term, House Speaker O’Brien requested that a committee convene over the summer to craft new legislation for next term. The committee will likely propose to move all new public employees to private, defined contribution plans — like a 401(k).”

Combat voter ID law with education | Concord Monitor: “Jack Saunders has the right idea. Saunders, who lives in Holderness, is the author of a letter to the editor published in the Sunday Monitor. He suggested that one good way to combat the cynical intent behind New Hampshire’s new voter ID law is to educate people about it so they’re not surprised or frustrated on Election Day.”

Feds still reviewing N.H. Medicaid care management plan – Fosters: “Federal health care regulators are still evaluating New Hampshire’s proposal to implement a new care management system for Medicaid beneficiaries.

Launching the new system will require a waiver from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).”

Success of Indiana’s right-to-work law disputed » Evansville Courier & Press: “Officials at 20 companies have said Indiana’s passage of a right-to-work law earlier this year was a factor in their decisions to bring more jobs to the state, according to Daniel Hasler, who leads the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

However, Nancy Guyott, a union leader and the state’s biggest right-to-work opponent, questioned the numbers.

The conflict occurred Monday after Hasler presented the information to the General Assembly’s Interim Study Committee on Economic Development. Hasler said companies have told the agency that right to work “does matter.””

» STUDY: States with Higher Minimum Wage Have Had Less Employment Loss During the Great Recession: “Because attempts to increase the minimum wage are being met head on by the GOP talking point that doing so would cause employers to cut jobs and hours, the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center looked at two decades of data in their recent report, The Minimum Wage and Job Creation.

The study found that minimum wage increases have not had a negative effect on employment in New England.

In Massachusetts alone, the minimum wage has increased six times since 1995. During this period, growth in industries with concentrations of high minimum wage earners has been higher than total employment.”

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