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NH Labor News 7/5/12: Teachers Prank Students Viral Video, NH Budget In Trouble, and more

Just for fun
Dancing teachers video prank on Portsmouth middle schoolers goes viral on YouTube – Fosters: “PORTSMOUTH — Generally in-school shenanigans are deemed to be the purview of the students. Recently, teachers at the Portsmouth Middle School turned the tables on their young charges.

During the last week of school, a number of students were pulled individually from their classes, purportedly to do a short video interview regarding their feelings about the end of the school year.”

OP/ED: Affordable Care Act a Bi-Partisan Effort – Concord, NH Patch: “By Matt Murray

After the Supreme Court ruled on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans were quick to attack the Democrats.  Republicans are saying that they do not want “Obamacare.”  NH Gov Candidate Ovide Lamontagne said: “Opposing Obamacare is a top priority.”  The irony in this entire battle of a national healthcare is that for nearly 100 years Republicans and Democrats have been pushing for some system to protect all Americans.  Lets look back at how this new law came to pass.”

State of NH Budget Problems
State falls $26.6 million short of budget goals, but expected to make up difference – NashuaTelegraph.com: “Taxes from the sale of cigarettes for the year took in $212 million, or $20.1 million less than last year. The tobacco tax return was $11.5 million short of what legislative budget writers had forecast for this year.
Last year, the Legislature for the first time in history cut that tax by 10 cents a pack.
Critics insisted it would cause revenues to go down, while supporters maintained the tax cut would increase revenue as more out-of-state tourists bought cigarettes.
Administrative Services Commissioner Linda Hodgdon said the cigarette tax cut accounted for a $12 million loss in revenue.”

N.H. Obamacare foes eye Mitt Romney as savior – BostonHerald.com: “WOLFEBORO, N.H. — Conservatives in the Granite State presidential battleground, cheering on GOP contender Mitt Romney at his summer hometown’s Independence Day parade yesterday, were willing to overlook his shifting stand on President Obama’s health-care law, saying no matter what Mitt says about Obamacare, he’s still the best chance to get rid of it.

“Health care is a big one for me,” said Paul Marsh of Sanbornville, N.H. “I have insurance. I should not be paying more for insurance I don’t use. I will be paying for other people — so will you — even if we have our own insurance.””

Biden Says Teachers ‘Under Full Blown Assault’ from Romney – Yahoo! News: “”I’m afraid the governor and his allies, they don’t get it,” Biden said. “They don’t get why you chose this profession.
“Look folks, they either directly call you – and I’m not quoting Gov. Romney now – but your critics have directly called you or implied that you’re selfish. That all this is about is an easy ride… As if you’re not part of the community, as if you decided to teach for fame or fortune,” he said.
“They criticize you and they blame you. They make you the fall guy. They should be thinking of ways to help you make your job easier, not more difficult,” he said.”

Ohio Firefighters offer to make big concessions to keep jobs in firehouses.
Hillsboro firefighters propose $100,000 cut in their salaries/benefits – The Highland County Press – Hillsboro, Ohio: “At the request of the city’s labor attorney, Hillsboro Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2972 has come up with a “concessions package,” which proposes a $100,000 cut in salaries and benefits to Hillsboro Fire and Rescue staff members. However, in order for the firefighters to make those concessions, they say the city would have to work out agreements with local townships, and maintain the fire department.

Ryan Passet, the secretary/treasurer of IAFF Local 2972, told The Highland County Press that throughout the negotiation process with the city and the townships, the firefighters wanted to be a part of the process in finding a solutions for providing the emergency services to city and township residents.”



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