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NH Labor 2012 Election News 7/5/12: “Obrien’s Tyranny Must Fall, Biden Talkes To Teachers, Romney and Ayotte? and More

Democrats pledge end to “tyranny” of William O’Brien in fall election – NashuaTelegraph.com: “House and Senate Democratic leaders say the “simple tyranny” of Speaker William O’Brien, R-Mont Vernon, will lead to losses for Republicans at the polls this November.
House Democratic Leader Terie Norelli, D-Portsmouth, said O’Brien pushed a tea party agenda that was anti-women, anti-union and disrespectful of rank-and-file legislators.
“His actions now and over the last 17 months are simple tyranny,” Norelli told reporters Tuesday. “I look forward to November when the people will have the last word on Speaker O’Brien and his tea party majority.””

Vice President Joe Biden says Romney and GOP are scapegoating teachers – NYPOST.com: “The three-million strong NEA was the first big union to back Obama’s re-election campaign, but there are still hard feelings over Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s school reform efforts, which have included competitive “Race to the Top” funding for schools, support for the charter-school movement and criticism of teacher tenure rules.

Last year, the NEA passed a resolution directing the union’s president “to communicate aggressively, forcefully, and immediately” to Obama that the group is “appalled” by Duncan’s comments and policies on school reform.”

Biden Says Teachers ‘Under Full Blown Assault’ from Romney – Yahoo! News: “”I’m afraid the governor and his allies, they don’t get it,” Biden said. “They don’t get why you chose this profession.
“Look folks, they either directly call you – and I’m not quoting Gov. Romney now – but your critics have directly called you or implied that you’re selfish. That all this is about is an easy ride… As if you’re not part of the community, as if you decided to teach for fame or fortune,” he said.
“They criticize you and they blame you. They make you the fall guy. They should be thinking of ways to help you make your job easier, not more difficult,” he said.”

Mitt Romney vice presidential contender Kelly Ayotte may resemble Sarah Palin, but the New Hampshire senator has earned a serious reputation – NY Daily News: “The veepstakes speculation has largely focused on men, including Sens. Rob Portman of Ohio and Marco Rubio of Florida, but Romney’s decision to have Ayotte by his side on the Fourth of July raises speculation that she’s rising higher on his short list.

Romney was spotted meeting with the head of his VP search, Beth Myers, and other top aides at his N.H. lakefront compound Tuesday.
Romney also made news along the parade route Wednesday when he directly contradicted a top senior aide by declaring the individual mandate in President Obama’s health care law to be a tax rather than a penalty.
The move aligns himself with Republicans who want to label health reform as a tax hike, but opens him up to criticism over the similar mandate he supported in Massachusetts.”

6 Things to Watch on President Obama’s Bus Tour – ABC News: “As President Obama hits the road for his first campaign bus tour of the 2012 election season, here are six things to watch during the two-day, two-state trip:”



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