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A day after marking the 47th anniversary of Medicare at senior centers in Nashua and Salem, Democratic Congressional candidate Annie Kuster today received the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM) at a press conference in Concord.

Phillip Rotondi of NCPSSM praised Kuster for her commitment to protecting Medicare and Social Security for future generations.

“Annie will take to Washington exactly the kind of common sense leadership needed to protect American families,” said Rotondi. “She is on record and committed fully to fight the tough fight to protect and strengthen Medicare on behalf of New Hampshire residents and all Americans.”

“Every single senior deserves high-quality health care. That’s why Democrats and Republicans passed Medicare in the first place. And that’s why we must keep that solemn promise to our seniors,” said Kuster. “We shouldn’t be undermining Medicare to make room for more massive tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. We should be ending those tax breaks so that we can protect Medicare for our seniors and the next generation.”

In March, Congressman Bass and House Republicans passed a budget that would make deep cuts to Medicare, push seniors into the arms of insurance companies, and force them to pay higher out-of-pocket costs – all while giving massive tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires, Big Oil, and companies that ship jobs overseas.

“The facts here are crystal clear: Congressman Bass and House Republicans earlier this year voted for a radical budget that would end Medicare as we know it and force seniors to pay more for their health care, and at the same time give massive tax breaks to millionaires. It’s that simple,” said Rob Friedlander, Communications Director for Annie Kuster. “Congressman Bass can call himself a sensible moderate all he wants, but New Hampshire voters know there is nothing sensible or moderate about voting for a plan that would make deep cuts to Medicare, shift higher costs onto seniors, and push them into the arms of insurance companies – all in order to make room for massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and Big Oil. Those may be Congressman Bass’ priorities, but they are not New Hampshire’s priorities. We need a new approach in Washington that’s focused on protecting and reforming Medicare for future generations, and that’s what Annie is offering in this race. ”

Kuster will work with both Democrats and Republicans to protect Medicare while at the same time cutting wasteful spending and programs we can’t afford. She supports common sense proposals like H.R. 4631, a resolution introduced by a Republican that would increase accountability in Federal spending on conferences. What she does not support are efforts by members of Congress to drastically cut Medicare and balance the budget on the backs of seniors and the middle class in order to pay for tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.

In addition to today’s press conference, Kuster marked the 47th anniversary of Medicare yesterday with an op-ed in the Concord Monitor, which is available here.



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