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Guinta faces difficult choice of voting down most common-sense jobs bill yet

What’s more outrageous: that companies get a tax credit for shipping jobs overseas, or that Congressmen Guinta thinks this isn’t a problem?

It may seem nonsensical to allow companies to fund the outsourcing of American jobs with federal dollars at a time when millions of Americans are still out of work and rumblings over the federal deficit threaten to capsize Social Security and Medicare. But Congressman Guinta has wavered between doing nothing to address our jobs crisis and actively making it worse – so his choice may not be so easy.

Guinta voted for the Panama, Colombia and South Korean free trade agreements even though they will severely hurt American manufacturing and drive hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas. At home, Guinta isn’t much better. His “jobs fairs” have produced more photo ops than jobs for laid-off workers, and he’s voted repeatedly to cut unemployment benefits and stymie jobs bills in the House.

Now, he’ll have a chance to redeem himself with what has to be the most common-sense jobs bill ever. In the next two weeks, Congress will vote on the Bring Jobs Home Act – a straightforward bill that prohibits companies from claiming a tax credit for moving expenses when they relocate to another country. It’s that simple.

On Tuesday, we’re asking Guinta to finally say YES to jobs and sign on to this common-sense bill – and you can too!  Click here to sign a petition to Guinta asking him to support the American Jobs Act and we’ll hand-deliver it to him when we visit his office next week.



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