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Where Do We Go From Here? A Look Into The 2012 Elections.

 If we have learned anything from the scandalous actions of DJ Bettencourt it is that we need to make sure that we know who we are voting for. This election will be vitally important not just to our community but to our jobs.

If you follow this blog regularly then you know that I am opposed to Right To Work (for less) and have worked tirelessly to educate the workers in New Hampshire of the attacks on them from the state house. This session has been led with a complete disregard for the will of the people in pushing an out of state agenda. We learned of programs like ALEC that are funneling huge amounts of money in order to get legislation passed. This legislation is aimed at bringing workers down, bringing environmental regulations down, and allowing corporations to increase their profits. After the news of ALEC started to become known, Granite State Progress released an in-depth look at the Right To Work law and its ties to ALEC proposed legislation.

Now as the 2012 session comes to a close, we start moving into the election season. This is where we need to be smart. I could stand on my soapbox and tell you exactly who to vote for, but that is not effective. You need to know who you are voting for and why.

I challenge you to first look at yourself. What are your priorities? Is your highest priority stopping an income tax? Is your priority funding education? Or, if you are like me, is your job you highest priority? It is only after you know what your priority is can you truly begin to decide who it is you want to represent you in office. This applies to candidates for State Rep and all the way up to the Presidential Campaign.

Once you have you priorities straight then you need to look at the people who are running for office. You need to look beyond party lines and really look into the person. See what their priorities are. Did you know that we have Republicans who are are also members of these fringe organizations in our State House? We have Tea Party Republicans, Libertarians, Free Staters, and a few plain old conservatives. Each on of these organizations has a different message they are pushing. This is what campaigning is all about. This is your chance to meet with candidates and see what they really stand for. Do they want to see NH become a Right To Work state? Do they want to boost the education system? Are they pro-big business or pro-worker and NH small business?

This is especially important for those State Reps and Senators who are looking for re-election this year. There were a number of bills this year that were out-right attacks on NH Workers. How did they vote on HB 474, HB1677, HB1206, and HB 383? These bills should be the litmus test for whether they support workers or are they continuing the partisan politics that is crippling Washington DC right now. (You can see how your current reps voted on HB 474, the so called Right To Work for less bill in 2011)

Take the time to challenge them now before they are elected. Then hopefully we wont have to fight with them once they are in office. “How many times have you heard from your rep: I will take your suggestion to oppose HB383, however I plan to support it”. This is unacceptable for a representative to say. They are there to “Represent” you! Your vote can send them to Concord or it can keep them from going.

Be sure to follow the NH Labor News for more information about the 2012 elections.  We will be focusing on how current reps voted this year and what candidates are saying about next year.

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The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers from the State and Federal Government. We are proud union members who are working to preserve the middle class. The NHLN talks mostly about news and politics from NH. We also talk about national issues that effect working men and women here in the Granite State.
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