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NH Labor News Headlines 6/23/12: CWA Election, Occupy NH, Minimum Wage Laws, and more

New Hampshire Labor News: Judge Decides To Block CWA Election: “As if union organizing was not hard enough now the courts are making it even harder.  The Communication Workers of America have been working for over a year to organize the service agents at American Airlines.  Today the workers at American Airlines got a huge push, backwards. “Today’s ruling by US District Court Judge Terry Means is a disgrace and a travesty of justice for 10,000 passenger service agents at American Airlines. The Court, despite a clear reiteration of congressional intent by the Senate authors of the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization, determined that the 50 percent showing of interest standard should apply to agents who have been waiting for seven months for their lawful, democratic vote.””

NH Legislature to return to deal with vetoes – Boston.com: “Two bills deal with voting. One requires a voter to present a valid photo ID. The other requires people registering to vote to sign a statement saying they declare New Hampshire their home state.

Others include legalizing the home cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes and providing tax credits for businesses that contribute to organizations benefiting private school and home-schooled students.”

This is why we need to work to rebuild our college funding.Study: UNH injected $1.4B into N.H. economy | SeacoastOnline.com:
UNH President Mark Huddleston discussed the findings during a roundtable discussion at Albany Engineered Composites, a Rochester company that designs, develops and manufactures advanced composite components for airplanes. According to company President and Chief Executive Joseph Morone, 20 percent of Albany’s 250 salaried employees are UNH graduates.

The economic impact study, prepared by Ross Gittell, chancellor of the community college system of New Hampshire, and Josh Stillwagon, a doctoral candidate in economics at UNH, used a “conservative set of assumptions” to calculate UNH’s direct and “ripple effect” contributions to the economy. Huddleston said it is an update of a 2008 study that found the university contributed $1.3 billion to the state’s economy.

Elizabeth Parisian: Some Employers and Republicans Want to Lower the Minimum Wage — Here’s Why They’re Completely Out of Touch: “Now it seems that some minimum wage employers are trying to pay their workers less — and to even make it legal to do so. It seems unfathomable that anyone would consider the minimum wage — which, for a full-time worker, provides a yearly salary that is thousands of dollars below the poverty line for a family of three or four — to be too high. But in Arizona, Republican legislators are pushing a bill that would allow employers to pay teenagers working part-time a full three dollars per hour less than the state minimum wage, which works out to a mere $4.65 per hour.”

Occupiers’ trial witnesses focus on laws, liberties | New Hampshire NEWS: “The final defense witness was Arnie Alpert, New Hampshire program coordinator for the American Friends Service Committee, who had high praise for the conduct of police, especially Manchester Police Capt. Robert Cunha, who delivered the curfew enforcement message earlier in the day and later supervised the citation and arrest process. 

Alpert, who said it was essential for those in the park to stand up for their beliefs and show their commitment that night, admitted: “I did give a little pep talk.” He said the defendants accepted citations knowing they would have a day in court, testing whether fundamental rights would be protected.”

Manchester: NHCLU backs Occupy | Concord Monitor: “Yesterday, Barbara Keshen, staff attorney with the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, asked a district court judge to dismiss the charges on constitutional grounds.

The constitutions of the United States and New Hampshire protect a person’s right to free speech and assembly, she wrote in her legal brief. And given that the Occupy movement is a revolt against government, the group’s 24/7 “occupations” of city parks are protected under the state Constitution, she wrote.”

NH congressional delegation welcomes American Legion at state convention | New Hampshire NEWS: “Shaheen, who serves with Ayotte on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said “across-the-board” cuts are a threat in the future if Congress fails to come up with a solution soon.

“I think we’ve got to solve this problem and we need to solve it in a big way,” said Shaheen, New Hampshire’s only Democrat in Congress. “We need to look at all the aspects of the budget — the domestic, the defense, the mandatory programs and the revenue side — and we need to get a big deal done so that we’re not facing these cuts in the future. I’m optimistic that there’s enough appreciation in Washington that this has to be done that that’s going to happen before the end of this year.””



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