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NH Labor 2012 Election News: State Senator Will Not Run Again, New Candidate In Nashua Announced, Super PAC Money, and More

The NH Labor News does not make endorsements, we only share information and media about candidates who support the Workers in NH.

Longtime senator won’t run again | Concord Monitor: “Reagan said he met Barnes about seven years ago through their work as members of their towns’ boards of selectmen. Due to the Senate’s 10-year redistricting plan, Reagan is running for a slightly different district that includes the newly added towns of Pembroke, Loudon and Strafford.

Reagan is currently the only Republican running for District 17, and the only Democrat is Nancy Fraher of Chichester, a retired Candia Elementary School teacher. In his third term as a state representative, Reagan served as chairman of the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee for the 2011-2012 legislative session.

A statement yesterday from the New Hampshire Democratic Party said Reagan’s “career in the New Hampshire House has been one of obedience to Speaker (Bill) O’Brien’s radical Tea Party agenda.””

Windham Patch tweeted a quote from Ovide Lamontagne

@Ovide2012: “I’ll be Scott Walker on steroids.”
— Mike Ryan (@WindhamPatch) June 9, 2012

John DiStaso’s Granite Status: NASHUA State Senate: “TUESDAY, JUNE 12 UPDATE: DISTRICT 13 REPUBLICAN. Republicans have been looking for a candidate to run for the Nashua-based state Senate District 13 seat since businessman Jack Tulley decided against a candidacy a few weeks ago.

The Granite Status has learned they have found one in one-term state Rep. Joe Krasucki, a retired chemist and engineer, whose career included more than 10 years at BAE Systems. A resident of Nashua since 1977, Krasucki is the father of five and grandfather of four.

The seat is being vacated by Sen. Gary Lambert. Democratic former Sen. Bette Lasky, who was defeated by Lambert in 2010, is running again.”

Guinta balks at deal on super PAC money – NashuaTelegraph.com: “U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta, R-N.H., recently rejected former Rep. Carol Shea-Porter’s wonderful idea to put New Hampshire residents ahead of outsiders by denouncing super PAC money.
An appalling 93 percent of super PAC money has come from just 726 individuals – 23 out of every 10 million people.
I’m not shocked that Guinta welcomes the coming avalanche of money from superwealthy outsiders. After all, Guinta is a fan of taking money wherever he finds it, then using it as wastefully as possible.
He was the No. 1 spender in the country for taxpayer-funded congressional mailings – which look suspiciously like campaign mailers – while closing one of our two district offices to help pay for them.
Guinta has yet to explain the $355,000 that mysteriously arrived in his campaign account in 2010 and is still being in investigated by the Federal Election Commission. These are some reasons why he was selected to the elite club of the 14 most corrupt legislators in our Congress by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.”

Letter: Shea-Porter looks out for veterans | Concord Monitor: “Shea-Porter was an original cosponsor of the GI Bill of Rights, which ensures that today’s veterans have the same opportunity to attend college as their grandparents. She voted for VA advance funding so that its funding could never be delayed by politics. She voted to improve help for caregivers of disabled, ill or injured veterans, and VA health services for women veterans. She voted to provide returning soldiers with better access to services, counselors and patient advocates, to better address traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, and suicide prevention, as well as to extend eligibility for health and rehabilitation benefits. She offered an amendment, enacted into law in the FY 11 defense bill, to keep Tricare health care fees from rising.”

Letter: Talk to us, Congressman | Concord Monitor: “During your May New Hampshire work week, you claim to have visited constituents across the state, but there were no opportunities to talk as a community. When, as a citizen, am I supposed to get a chance to talk with you?

During the April recess, I did attend a luncheon at a senior center and heard about a social networking event. Unfortunately this was simply a photo op with no mention of the job you were sent to do in Washington. I asked you how you could support the Paul Ryan budget, which triples the tax cuts to millionaires at the expense of the middle and lower classes, and you responded with a non-answer and backpedaled toward the door behind you.

You should be talking about the policies you are making in D.C. That is your job. That is what you were elected to do. To do it well, you need to talk to the people of New Hampshire. These programs look good but confound the fact that you are not engaging with your constituents.”

Interesting article about how much funding matters in this years election and the roll that Citizens United plays in the elections. As GOP Cashes In, Democrats Search For Billionaires | New Hampshire Public Radio: “”The only thing that keeps me up at night … is the tsunami of secret Republican superPAC money that will be spent against our candidates,” says New York Rep. Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Outside money matters even more in down-ballot races for the House and the Senate.”

A message about Mitt Romney and his job with BAIN Capitol.



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