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Maggie Hassan Files to Run for Governor of New Hampshire

Maggie Hassan Files to Run for Governor of New Hampshire

Maggie With Iron Worker Shawn Cleary

Will Bring New Hampshire Together to Build Innovative, Business-Friendly State with Strong Workforce and Strong Economy

CONCORD, NH – Joined by her daughter Meg and cheering supporters, former Senate Majority Leader Maggie Hassan today filed for governor, promising to move New Hampshire forward to build a strong, innovative economy. 
“Our families and our state will have a strong and vibrant future if we come together to make New Hampshire an innovative, business-friendly state with the best economy and best workforce in the nation,” said Hassan. “As Governor, I will keep New Hampshire moving in the right direction with an innovation plan that will help ensure that New Hampshire’s economy and workers lead the nation. Together, we can make smart investments in education, in expanding the research-and-development tax credit and in providing the technological assistance to our businesses that spurs growth and job creation.”

Maggie With CWA 1400 DVP
Felicia Augevich

“As Governor, I will prioritize education.  We have to invest in our schools while also holding them accountable for delivering the results that will attract innovative companies and good jobs,” Hassan said. 

As Senate Majority leader, Hassan worked closely with Gov. John Lynch to cut state spending and ensure a balanced budget, without a broad-based tax; to institute the research-and-development tax credit and to institute a job training program for workers; to create New Hampshire Working, which makes it easier for businesses to avoid layoffs and to hire new workers; and to expand public kindergarten to every child in New Hampshire. 
The current legislature has made the wrong choices with taxpayer dollars. It cut funding for higher education in half, and cut aid to public schools and health care for seniors, while at the same time giving away millions in taxpayer dollars to big tobacco, tax evaders, and private schools.  
“As Governor, I will make sure state government spends taxpayer money on the right priorities, and I will balance the budget without an income or a sales tax,” Hassan said.  

In the state Senate, Hassan worked with businesses and Republicans to make it easier for small businesses to provide health insurance to their workers.  Hassan has been a champion of women’s health care, standing up to this legislature when it tried to make it harder for women to affordably access birth control. 

“We can build a strong, innovation-based economy for the future if we come together as a state – Democrats, Independents and Republicans. That’s how I worked in the state Senate, and that is how I will work as Governor,” Hassan said. 
“Our state faces a clear choice in November. We can continue in the direction of Gov. John Lynch, bringing people together to move New Hampshire forward, or we can go in the direction of Speaker Bill O’Brien and the current legislature, where the needs of middle-class families take a backseat to an extreme social agenda. I hope you will join me in continuing to move New Hampshire forward.”



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