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America Wants To Work, Event July 10th

From The AFL-CIO

Over the last decade the United States has lost close to six million jobs to outsourcing.  Now the NH AFL-CIO and community groups are fighting to bring those jobs back home. They will be hosting an event that is described on the America Wants To Work website as:

Workers in New Hampshire will deliver a gift to Congressman Guinta on July 10th: American-made flags and petitions from hundreds of Granite Staters asking the Congressman to be an economic patriot and support the Bring Jobs Home Act.

The plan is to meet at City Hall Plaza in Manchester (corner of Hanover and Elm)  at 12:00pm.  Then walkt to Congressman Guinta’s office and deliver some American Made flags. You can also RSVP via Facebook, here.

Neither Congressman Guinta nor Congressman Bass have stated if they will support this bill or not.   It should be noted that both Congressmen Guinta and Bass recently voted against HR 4480.  A bill that would reduce the tax subsidies for oil manufacturers.  HR 448o would have encourage companies to buy parts and supplies that were made in the United State and to stop outsourcing jobs.   New Hampshire Congressional candidate Ann Kuster’s campaign was quick to jump on this very telling vote.

“New Hampshire families deserve a Representative that stands for them and not for Big Oil and Big Business,” said Garrick Delzell, Annie Kuster’s Campaign Manager. “While Granite Staters struggle to find jobs Bass has continued to support outsourcing. Congressman Bass and Governor Romney agree that the best way to increase New Hampshire jobs is by sending jobs overseas.”

We need our Congressmen to support New Hampshire and the entire United States by encouraging them to support the Bring Jobs Home Act.   Be there to deliver flags to Congressman Guinta’s office on July 10 at 12:00pm.

If you cannot make this event, be sure to sign the petitions

For CD1 Guinta click here
For CD2 Bass click here



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