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Update on the Birthers Investigation and Reps Behaving Badly

It came out in two different papers today that the Attorney General concluded his investigation and found nothing wrong. Speaker O’Brien was quick to take shots at the AG office.
The Telegraph reports:

O’Brien wrote to Delaney on Monday stating it had been wrong for the AG to publicly highlight this controversy before doing an investigation on the matter.

 “The Department of Justice would never make public details of an alleged crime before starting an investigation but you abandoned such caution when it came to an apparent opportunity to denigrate three state representatives and, by extension, the New Hampshire House of Representatives,” O’Brien wrote.

First I would like to say that it was not the office of the AG that put out the information about the events of that night.  It was concerned citizens like Granite State Progress and the NHLN who sent out a Press Release and Video of the events moments after it happened.   So far each of the three different videos on YouTube have been view an average of 2000 times.  Why because people are appalled at the actions of these legislators.

I disagree with the AG and the Speaker that this was not an issue.  The assistant AG Mavrogeorge said in a ‘four-page recounting of the incident that “never in my life have I witnessed such appalling behavior by anyone, let alone elected officials.” Mavrogeorge said he feared for his safety and locked himself in a room with Assistant Secretary of State Karen Ladd. Delaney requested a law enforcement review (Concord Monitor)’.

Something is wrong here.  Watch the video and see if you agree with the AG Office.

Click here for our original post “Reps Behaving Badly” with Granite State Progress.



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