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Indiana Governor Lies About Right to Work Creating Jobs

It was reported Friday (3/16) in the Indianapolis Star that the “MBC Group denies that it moved to Indiana because of its new Right to Work Law”.  The Indianapolis Star continued:

“Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels said this week that the new law is the reason 28 companies are considering moving to Indiana and the reason three companies already have committed to doing so. He said he wouldn’t name any of the companies “until we have their permission to,” making his claims impossible to verify. The only company he has named thus far is MBC.”

 Does this sound familiar? This is the same tired rhetoric that New Hampshire has been hearing for over a year from the House Leadership.  Speaker O’Brien has been saying all along that companies are waiting for New Hampshire to pass a Right to Work law and then they will move here.  Where is the proof?  Where is this list of companies who say they will move here?

I am sick and tired of the lies about companies moving to New Hampshire if they pass a Right to Work law.  They said the same thing in Indiana, and now in Minnesota.  If this were really true, Indiana would have line at the border of companies trying to set up shop in the newly created Right to Work state.  In fact it more proves my point that Right To Work has little to no impact on where a company decides to build their new shop.

I will leave you with this quote from the Indiana AFL-CIO email to their supporters:

“While it’s not shocking, it’s disappointing that our officials would stoop to this level in order to deceive the public which they are supposed to represent. It’s equally disgusting that the administration is clearly pressuring businesses that are applicants for or recipients of state economic development incentives into furthering this deception,.”



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