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Faith Leaders Pray of the NH House Labor Committee in Opposition to Right To Work!

Since the fight over Right To Work (for less) started again in January of 2011, unions and workers have had many community allies.  One of the most important allies we have in our combined effort to stop so-called Right to Work is a diverse and growing group of faith leaders. These individuals from a variety of faith communities have been at the State House holding prayer vigils in opposition to RTW every time it has been brought up.  They have testified repeatedly about the damage RTW and related anti-worker laws will do to workers and to our community fabric, and they have prayed for Speaker Bill O’Brien and misguided legislators who are trying to take NH backwards. They have never been shy about their opposition to the anti-worker, anti-union onslaught currently occurring at the NH State House.

One of the active faith leaders in the fight against Right to Work (for less) is Rev. Gail Kinney, pastor of the South Danbury United Church of Christ.  She has testified on many accounts about how RTW is an attack on collective bargaining and on our sense of beloved community and that it is a cynical attempt to divide the working class.  In her testimony to the NH House Labor Committee she talked about all of these issues and more.  She also expressed her fear that some legislators had stopped listening to workers; therefore, she said she was addressing her testimony not only to Labor Committee members but also to a higher power.  From that point on she offered the rest of her testimony as a prayer for the Committee, the Legislature, and all of NH.
I have included her full testimony from February 9, 2012 in the NH State House.

Along with Rev Kinney is: Rev. Dr. Frank Irvine of Concord, Rev. John Gregory-Davis of Meriden, and Barbara French, a lay church leader from Henniker.



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