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United Auto Worker (UAW) Goes Right After Mitt Romney in Nashua Yesterday

Union member to Romney: ‘I’m not a stooge’: “Mitt Romney got some push-back this morning from organized labor in the wake of his characterization of President Obama’s NLRB appointments as “union stooges.”

At a Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Nashua, UAW regional director Julie Kushner jumped into a question and answer session with Romney to ask him why he objected to the Obama administration’s bankruptcy plan for GM, which Kushner said saved a million union jobs that otherwise would have been lost in a conventional bankruptcy.

Romney, who initially hesitated to answer because Kushner hadn’t been called on and didn’t have a microphone — “I’m not the decider here,” he said — told Kushner he favored a “managed bankruptcy” that would not have cost jobs but would have left GM’s senior creditors with ownership “instead of being owned by the UAW. … The market works better than the president stepping in and taking care of his friends.”

Dawn Roy, a Nashua City employee, came to the breakfast with her father Tom, who held up a sign reading “Romney hurts the middle class.”

“I’m not a stooge,” Dawn Roy said. “I’m a person who wants fair pay for a fair day’s work. And I want a say … I’m a union employee and I just take total offense to this.””



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