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Legislative Series: HB 1645: The Bill to Remove Collective Bargaining in NH!!!

This is the next in a series of posts highlighting some of the blatant attacks on workers and Unions through legislation. We will also include some of the more Zany bills we have come across. This is also how we interpret the bill and what we believe it may mean for workers and families in New Hampshire.

As expected Rep. Lambert, Hills 27 & Rep. Manuse, Rock 5 have introduced HB 1645: “AN ACT prohibiting all public employees from participating in collective bargaining.”  This strikes at our teachers, firefighters and police officers. Despite the fact that NH voters support collective bargaining for public employees by more than 60%. This extreme agenda of Speaker O’Brien is not in touch with NH voters. That’s right, this bill if passed will send us into the same chaos, confusion and shame we have seen in Wisconsin and Ohio. This is not the NH way. We would join the ranks of Wisconsin and Ohio, who repealed the collective bargaining rights of public employee’s and created a backlash from middle class families that the Nation had not seen in years.  Reports of 30,000 people filled the rotunda in Madison after the bill was passed.  Now they are pushing to recall Governor Walker for his actions. Do we want this level of acrimony here in NH? Is this what we voted for? Where are the jobs?

Back to New Hampshire, if you follow this blog at all you know all the reasons why Collective Bargaining is important.  It protects the workers, it help the employer through collaborative projects, and helps the entire workforce (union and non-union) by creating a wage standard. Collective Bargaining has also helped to create programs like Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) whose entire purpose it to hold workers and employers accountable for the Safety of their workforce.  Labor Unions through Collective Bargaining gained us things like the 40 hour work week, vacation time, sick days, health benefits, and retirement programs.  Do you honestly think the majority of these companies and corporations would just give these things away?  If you say yes then look at what Wal-Mart is doing to their employee’s by reducing there health care plan for part-time employee’s.

Not only would this law repeal all Collective Bargaining of public employee’s public employees (firefighters, teachers, police officers, state employees such as: NH DOT drivers, liquor store workers, social workers,  and every city, town and county employee) it would also take away the NH Public Employee’s Labor Relations Board (which I talk about here) since there would be no further need for it-no bargaining, no board..

From HB1645The Public Employee Labor Relations Board repeals RSA 273-A:1 through 273-A:17, provides that any general agreements or contracts between any public employer and any labor union entered into after the effective date of the bill shall be void, and also eliminates the Public Employee Labor Relations Board. The Board states in FY 2013 it has a general fund appropriation of $400,259 in the state operating budget, however costs related to employee terminations would net against potential savings of this bill. The Board is unable to determine the potential overall net savings as it is unable to predict total termination costs at this time.

Notice also that in the bill it mentions the cost saving associated with Terminating employee’s could add to the savings in the General Fund in FY13.  So whether you are a Labor Union Member, or just a worker in New Hampshire this bill would destroy us all.  Through Collective Bargaining, Labor Unions fight for higher minimum wage, and employment programs when you do loose your job.  We cannot let this pass.  According to the NH General Court website the bill will be introduced on 1/4/12 and referred to Labor Committee.

We must stop it in Committee or the Republican Majority would pass this bill in a second flat.   Contact your Reps and tell them now to Kill This Bill before it Kills New Hampshire Workers.

Here is a list of the Committee Members: LABOR, INDUSTRIAL AND REHABILITATIVE SERVICES

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