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ALEC Exposed Voter ID laws in New Hampshire

In yesterday’s blog, I reported the ALEC (American Legislative Executive Counsel) and their involvement in New Hampshire Legislations.  I would like to bring up another example of how these laws are working their way into our Legislature from ALEC.

One of the biggest legislation arguments around the country are states pushing a new “Voter ID bill”.  As I reported in previous blog entries, “Voter ID Bills” are set up to lower voter turnout.  This in conjunction with “Same Day voter registration” take strikes at the elderly and students living in New Hampshire.  I have included a video from the NH Democratic Committee, where Speaker O’Brien is talking about these two pieces of legislation (at the time only proposals).  While the video is a little hard to hear but this is what he said:

“In towns like Plymouth, there are something like 900 same day registrations…which kids are coming out of the school….foolish voting as a liberal….takes away the towns to govern themselves.”

Even former President Clinton voiced his disapproval of these new “Voter Id and Registration laws“. Now how does this all tie into “ALEC”.  “ALEC” used their influence to help lawmakers craft these bills by creating sample bills for legislator to submit in their states.  Here is an excerpt from ALEC’s Voter ID bill:

This legislation requires any United States citizen[i] desiring to vote in a state to provide proof of identity at the polls, outlines permissible provisional ballots, and optionally[ii] provides for a free ID to those who do not have a driver’s license.

(a) “Proof of identity” means a document or identification card that: (1) Shows the name of the person to whom the document was issued; (2) Shows a photograph of the person to whom the document was issued; (3) Contains an expiration date, and is not expired. (4) Is issued by the United States or the State of Arkansas.

Now lets compare that to the Voter ID bill that passed the NH Senate and NH House:

This bill requires that a voter present a valid photo identification to vote in person. Voters without photo identification may vote by provisional ballot, provided that they subsequently appear in person before the city or town clerk and present a valid photo identification, official documentation of driver’s license suspension or revocation, a waiver issued by the secretary of state, or an affidavit of religious exemption. This bill also requires that the secretary of state pay the cost for a nondriver’s picture identification card upon presentation of a voucher to the division of motor vehicles.

While the wording may not be exactly the same the intentions are identical. It does even refer to providing a “Provisional Ballot” for those who do not have identification.

You be the judge, is someone outside of New Hampshire pushing our legislators to create laws that seem to be pointed at helping the GOP and lowering voter turnout of those “Foolish voting liberals”?



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