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Kevin Cavanaugh wins NH Sen. special election

Manchester, N.H. - In today's state Senate District 16 special election, Manchester Ward 1 Alderman Kevin Cavanaugh defeated former state Senator David Boutin 4746-3814 (55%-44%). Cavanaugh's win is the first time New Hampshire Democrats have won a state senate special election win since February 1984. Senator-elect Cavanaugh is only the second Democrat … Continue reading

NESN Broadcast Technicians Benched For Unionizing

IBEW Local 1228 Fights Against Retribution

BOSTON, MA – New England Sports Network (NESN) and its … Continue reading

Leo W Gerard: “Do No Harm” Still Hurts

Promises were made.

And workers believed candidate Donald Trump when he pledged to stop corporations from exporting American factories. Workers cast votes based on Trump swearing he would end the trade cheating that kills American jobs.

This week, though, workers got bad news from Washington, D.C. President Trump proposed virtually … Continue reading

Over 30,000 Demand Macy’s Drop Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Line Over Sweatshop Labor Conditions

Washington Post Report Reveals Ivanka Trump Brand Products Made Exclusively in Sweatshops in Countries Such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, China

On the … Continue reading

See Who Voted For A More Open Democracy In NH

Legislative Scorecard Released: Who voted for, and against, open democracy 

CONCORD, NH – The New Hampshire legislature failed to … Continue reading

Brad Bannon: 4 Reasons Why Democrats Should Support Medicare For All

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) call for Democrats to campaign on and fight for a national single-payer health insurance program is just the remedy the doctor ordered for her party.

Here are the four reasons for Democrats to push the envelope on health care reform.

Medicare for all … Continue reading

Help Send Matt From The NH Labor News To Netroots Nation 2017

For seven years now I have been blogging and building up the NH Labor News to be the strong progressive news outlet that it has become.  While there are many people who contribute content to the NH Labor News, the majority of the work is done by me, on my … Continue reading

Leo W Gerard: American Workers Seek Enforcement, Not Protection

American workers have made a simple request of politicians for decades: stop the trade violations that kill American manufacturers and jobs.

American factories and workers are willing to compete. They are able to compete. But the playing field must be level. American workers and employers can’t win when their rival … Continue reading

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Business Economist And Industry Shill Now Chair Of Health Economics At UNH

The University of New Hampshire’s Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics just hired one of the business industry’s biggest shills in the fight against raising the minimum wage. The Donald likely would be looking for love in all the wrong places if he campaigned in some deep western Kentucky union halls.

"Handmaid's" Watch In Disgust As House Passes SB66, A Fetal Personhood Bill

In an unprecedented assault on women's reproductive rights, the NH House passed SB66, a 'fetal personhood' bill. The fetal personhood measure recognizes a fetus as an independent victim of a crime for the first time under New Hampshire law.

Coalition And Activists Call On Governor Sununu To Veto Voter Suppression Bill SB3

The New Hampshire Campaign for Voting Rights urges New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu to veto SB3 following its passage in the state House today. Passing narrowly on a 191-162 vote, SB3 will create an unfunded mandate for cities and towns and long lines for same-day registration.

A 21st Century New Deal For Jobs: A Progressive Plan To Rebuild America And Put People To Work

One of the greatest problems plaguing the United States right now is our crumbling infrastructure. Throughout the U.S. roads and bridges are literally falling to pieces. During the 2016 election nearly every candidate talked about fixing our growing infrastructure problem.