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It ALEC Cheating US Tax Codes As A Non-Profit Charity?

Are corporations who fund ALEC given tax breaks for funding a right wing political lobbying organization? Is ALEC cheating the system? The answer to both is YES!  ALEC is technically a 501 (c) 3 or non-profit charity and because of their c3 status and corporation who donates to ALEC would … Continue reading

Governor Hassan And Senate Democrats Expresses Serious Concerns About Senate Finance Budget

Senate Finance Plan Would Hurt NH Businesses and Middle Class Families, Relies on Gimmicks That Will Leave Budget Unbalanced Hassan: “Any budget that relies exclusively on the votes of one political party will fail to meet the expectations of our citizens and the needs of our economy.” CONCORD – Governor … Continue reading

Kelly Ayotte Talks To NHPR On Guinta And Fast Track Trade Authority

Today Senator Kelly Ayotte spoke to NHPR’s Morning Edition.  She spoke at length about Congressman Guinta’s FEC violation and reaffirmed her call for his resignation by stating: “Well, obviously this is his decision. I believe the right thing to do for him would be to step aside so that we … Continue reading

Petition: Congressman Guinta Should Resign Over FEC Violations #GuintaResignWatch

“It is reasonable to conclude that the people of New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District are being represented by a fraud and a cheat,” wrote the editorial board of the Eagle Tribune in their blistering editorial, “Guinta’s campaign finance violations make him unfit for office.” For five years now, Congressman Frank … Continue reading

Republicans Are Not The Only One Who Want To Protect Their Freedoms

Former NH Speaker Bill O’Brien is taking his extreme agenda on the road to South Carolina this week. Speaking at the South Carolina Freedom Summit, O’Brien openly mocked his own party and their choice for a Presidential nominee. VIDEO The fun began as O’Brien told the crowd that he is … Continue reading

How Ironic, President Obama Pushes For The TPP at NIKE Headquarters

The heated debate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership just got a little hotter and a little weirder. Yesterday President Obama went to NIKE headquarters in Oregon to push for the “Fast Track” authority to finalized the TPP. Politico summarized his speech in their article, President Obama on trade deal: ‘Let’s just … Continue reading

Gyrocopter-Flying Activist Doug Hughes Joins the Stamp Stampede

Written by Virginia Choi Cross-posted from The Stamp Stampede Blog Doug Hughes, the campaign finance reformer who made headlines in April when he brilliantly landed a gyrocopter onto the U.S. Capitol lawn in order to draw attention to big money in politics, sent the Stamp Stampede a photo of himself with stamped money. He told the … Continue reading

Senator Bernie Sanders Rallies The Crowd At The NH AFL-CIO Convention (VIDEO)

Here it is the video you have all been waiting for, Senator Bernie Sanders just after announcing he official campaign for President addresses the delegates and friends of the NH AFL-CIO 2015 Convention in North Conway, New Hampshire. If you already know who Senator Bernie Sanders is, then watch this … Continue reading

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Scott Walker, A Horrible Governor And Based On What He Has Done To Wisconsin, Should Not Be President

Now, Gov. Walker has taken his anti-worker, pro-business agenda on the road and one of his first stops is New Hampshire, where he was immediately met by hundreds of protestors. Labor leaders from across New England demanded an apology from Gov. Walker for his comments at the CPAC convention.

Is The NH Legislature Listening To Voters’ Anger When It Comes To Money In Politics?

“It’s almost impossible to exaggerate how angry, frustrated and even disgusted people are with the flood of money” into political campaigns.

The Real Republican Agenda To Pass Right To Work In NH

Why is the NH Republican Party pushing so hard for their so-called “Right To Work” legislation?

Progressive Senators Speak Out Against Provisions Of The Job Killing Trans-Pacific Partnership

Yesterday was a huge day in the US Senate as progressive legislators took to the Senate floor to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). A group of eight Senators spoke out in opposition to the TPP and specifically the “fast tracking” of the TPP.